Callie Anne’s First Birthday!

Callie Anne’s first year of life hasn’t been the “norm”, to say the least. But what is a “normal” first year, anyway? We all have our own struggles, which to others may look insignificant, but they are all relative to our personal situations. Yes, we have had more than our share of struggles, but this little girl brings us more joy in a single day than we could ever ask for and it more than makes up for the tough times. There has been very little in my control since she was born, but the one thing I can control is my impeccable medical records. I’ve spent some time this past week looking back at our journey so far and realized that this girl has got quite a set of stats started already…

 42: the number of doctor appointments CA went to in her 1st year of life

26: the number of nights she spent in the hospital before the age of 1

14: the number of people who follow her case regularly, including: : pediatrician, developmental physician, craniofacial surgeon, neurosurgeon, neurologist, ENT, pulmonologist, audiologist, dietician, geneticist, developmental therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech and language pathologist

5: the number of trips we’ve taken to Little Rock for medical appointments since she was born

4: the number of trips we’ve taken to Dallas for medical appointments

4: the number of surgeries Callie Anne had before she was a year old

3: the number of sleep studies she had to endure this year

2: the number of swallow studies she has had so far

1: the number of MRIs she had in her first year

Needless to say, it’s been a very busy year for all of us! Looking back on all that we’ve been through made today even sweeter and more fun to celebrate. We made it! There was a time before she was born when I honestly wasn’t sure I would ever see her turn a year old and here we are! We are blessed beyond our wildest dreams! We began our day with lunch out with grandma Sherry where Callie Anne tasted some birthday brownie (and showed off her incredibly ladylike personality)!

Birthday Lunch

Birthday Lunch

Then we headed over to Camma & Poppy’s to set up for the big celebration!

357  356

Callie Anne LOVES attention and being in the center of the party is a little slice of heaven for her! She loved playing with her sweet friends and showing off for all of her guests. Her new thing is giving hugs and kisses. Apparently Piper and Ainsleigh love it too and there were kisses everywhere!

361 363359

As expected, she was more interested in the wrapping and tissue paper than the gifts, but we will bring out a few each day for her to explore. Our friends and family were so very generous and we are extremely grateful.



We asked for donations for the CranioCareBears for their hospital care packages and can’t wait to make a huge donation of goodies in Callie Anne’s name!


Since Callie Anne doesn’t take much food by mouth, I was a little nervous about the birthday cake, but she didn’t really like it that much so it wasn’t a problem. Less clean up, too!

What is this???

What is this??

We all had a wonderful time celebrating this tough and feisty little angel’s first birthday! Thank you so much to everyone who came to celebrate with us and all who were there in spirit. We are grateful for all of you!

Here’s to another wonderful year!



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  1. K says:

    Happy Birthday! I see that the casts are gone and I see fingers! Congratulations! My daughter’s next surgery will be the second one on her hands.

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